6 Reasons Why People Wait to Start their Fitness Journey (and why it’s a bad idea!!)

6 Reasons Why People Wait to Start their Fitness Journey (and why it’s a bad idea!!)

In today’s post, we’ll directly address people’s reasons for waiting and why those reasons are making their fitness worse.

We have conducted thousands of consultations with potential clients over the last 10 years and what we’ve found is that 90% (NINETY PERCENT!) of people who don’t get started with some form of personal training when called to the challenge, do not start with any form of exercise (shock, right?!).  Most times, they have no idea where to start or what to do so they just don't start (paralysis by analysis) and over time actually get worse!  The people who pull the trigger are always awarded the benefits and are happy they did.  No one regrets working out and feeling great after!!

Whether you are about to get started, or you’ve been sitting on a fence for a while, here’s what you need to remember if you are “waiting until…” to start changing your fitness.


1. Feeling More In Shape

“I want to get in better shape before I start working with a trainer.”  This is the comment we hear most often from people before they start working with a trainer.  Let’s be real, it makes no sense!  That’s why we’re here.   In reality, people often end up doing nothing or worse, getting injured.

By starting now, you will see improvements to your level of fitness and mindset.  Working with a qualified coach ensures that you are training safely and in the most effective way.

1% better everyday = 37 times better after 1 year

2. Having More time

Life is busy, we get that. but at some point if you do not voluntarily prioritize your fitness, you will have to prioritize your sickness.  

By starting now, you will see that the quality of your time improves.  You might be taking out 30 minutes to 1 hour for yourself each day, but the rest of the hours of the day you will see an improvement in how energized and productive you are.  You will be more present, less stressed and happier.  The time you invest in yourself and your health will afford you more quality time later.  There is nothing more valuable than your health.

3. Needing More Energy

Energy levels drop as you become less active.  Your body becomes less efficient at moving (it gets weaker), recovery is slower, and you feel like you have even less energy.

By starting now, your body starts acknowledging that you are asking it to do physical activities, so it starts adapting to be able to take on these activities. Your energy levels increase, your body’s physical capabilities improve, and you can take on more in life.

4. Feeling More Confident

If you’re waiting to be more confident, then you’ll be waiting a long time (LOL).  Confidence comes from taking action.

By starting now, your confidence will improve.  You took on a challenge that perhaps you had been hesitant about doing or avoided taking on.  It makes completing your second workout easier.  Each rep, each workout will lead you to being unstoppable, not only in the gym but in life too.  You will start approaching other areas of your life in a similar way, taking on one challenge at a time and building more confidence with each.

5. Feeling Motivated

News flash!  Motivation comes and goes.  You will be motivated one day and not other days.  Waiting for motivation is unreliable and inconsistency is a good way to not get results.  Not getting results leaves you unmotivated...vicious cycle when you rely on motivation.

By starting now, you rely on your actions, which lead to habits.  These habits long-term give you a sense of accomplishment, a hunger for more changes, and desire to keep going.  Habits trump motivation as it is the engine to propel you forward.  (Habits are like someone's personality where motivation is like their looks.  Looks fade but personality sticks and can carry you far!)

6. Having More Equipment

You get out of shape while you wait for things to help you get in shape.  All this while you have lots to work with without equipment.  For many people mastering basic exercises like push ups and single leg squats require consistent training and no equipment at all!!  Check out our FREE At-Home Workout Plan!

By starting now, you get your body to a place where you will be able to work with equipment more effectively.  You gain body awareness, control, technique, mobility and stability.  Imagine how optimal your results will be with all of those skills!

Now that you have looked at the realities of waiting to get started, you have to be honest with yourself.  There will always be a reason to wait, but there will always be 100 better reasons to start.  One thing is certain, time is passing and if we aren’t taking action, we are likely getting worse.

Starting now and taking control of your body, health, and future will be challenging.  However, imagine how unstoppable you will feel with every obstacle you overcome along the journey.   

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about getting started, book a FREE assessment with us today and keep an eye out for our future blog on top tips to get started.  

We’d like to hear from you!  What’s one hard truth you learned today that will be the reason you get started now?  Leave a comment or share this article with a friend who you know is feeling stuck and has procrastinated their fitness.

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